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We all want to know what something will cost before we commit to having it done. In many ways, having a piano tuned is similar to having an automobile serviced. Pricing is dependent on how much work needs to be done and this will need to be determined when the tuning is done.

Regular Tuning

For pianos that are tuned on a regular basis (every 12 months) the work will typically be a "Regular" tuning. With a regular tuning, which is a "twice through" or "double tuning", T&S includes some pitch raising, but not a complete "Massive Pitch Correction". The price for a regular tuning is $140.  (within our service area) (Player Pianos are $20.00 extra) (Saturday Appointments are $20.00 extra)

Massive Pitch Correction & Tuning

If a piano has not been tuned for a decade or has been subjected to humidity changes. it may require "Massive Pitch Correction" in addition to a tuning. This process requires the pitch of the piano to be raised which is done by doing a "three times through" or "triple tuning". The price for a massive pitch correction, triple tuning is $160. (within our service area) (Player Pianos are $20.00 extra) (Saturdat Appointments are $20.00 extra)

Is it worth tuning my piano or can it be repaired?

If a piano is severly out of tune, has been damaged or neglected for a long period of time, it may require additional repair work or a complete rebuilding. T&S Piano does complete repair and rebuilding and can access the specific needs. The price for a complete on site evaluation is $70 which can be applied to the cost of the repair or rebuilding work.

What is the difference between repairing and rebuilding?

Repairing a piano usually involves replacing some broken or worn out parts on the keys or other part of the piano. This work can include cleaning the interior, action repair and regulation, voicing and tuning. Most of the time, if the repairs are not too extensive, they can be done on site where the piano is located.
Rebuilding involves the complete reconditioning or refurbishment of the piano and restores it to the original condition. Since this work requires large tools and equipment, and will be done over a few days, it is done at the T&S Piano rebuilding shop. Along with the acoustical work T&S can also have the wood refinished to look like new.

Does T&S Piano offer a pre-purchase inspection?

Yes. We offer a complete pre-purchase inspection for a flat fee of $80.

What other type of work does T&S Piano offer?

      Sound-A-Round, a division of T & S Piano, is an authorived Sales and Service dealer of PianoDisc™ player piano systems.
      T & S Piano also services antique paper roll player pianos. Tuning, Lubricating, Calibrating, as well as Full Electrification of players.